Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aye, I can't keep up!

I just have a hard time keeping up! I guess I'm not cut out for bloggin duties! Seems like we have been so busy, then I look back and think what the heck have I been doing? Since I am in young womens still, I decided that I am going to work to earn my medallion AGAIN! I have been working on my personal progress. For one of my 10 hour projects which by the way exceeded far more than 10 hours I planned a family reunion for Memorial Day weekened. It was alot of work but so worth it. It had been 7 years since we had a Thurber Larson reunion. Throughout the weekened we had about 130 people. The weekened started with an early morning service project to clean up the barn that blew over followed by pancake breakfast. Then it was to our house where the kids played on the slip and slide. Then it was over to the church for a kinda Surprise wedding and bbq dinner, acution, magic show, talents. Sunday church, with the traditional cemetary honoring. This year we honored my grandpa. It was very nice to hear the stories about him. Then off to our house again to have homemade ice cream ( our favorite!) and desserts (our other favorite!) And as if we didn't have anything else going on. It was Baccalaureate for Audie. I had to opt out of it. I decided not to leave a hundred people at my house. To say the least it ended up being a busy weekened, actually the only word that comes to mind is Craziness! BUT we made it through it. I did drop dead on Monday! I am so glad I planned the reunion though. It made it so worth it to see people laughing, working and seeing each other. I love my family. I love getting together. I have such great memories of being with cousins and I want that for my own children. We are so fortunate to live close to family. And we are especially lucky to be next to Grandma Larson. We have a great heritage. We are having a little computer issues right now so I can't get all the pictures I need, But here is the one of all of us who were there on Sunday.

All hundred of us ....

This is some of the "girl" cousins down at the cemetary clean up

Here is my dad with Maci and Addison, Nates little (big) girl

After I tried to recover from the reunion we had to send kids back to school. Our school started late, so we had to go back to school after memorial day, BLAH! I was ready to be done with getting Jayse up and out the door, and schedules BLAH again. I was ready for summer! But it still went on. Audie has graduated from High school, now she is going to figure out what life is really about.... we think! Here she is with her favorite cousin Brady Fenn

Maci and Audie. She LOVES her Aunt Audie and quad rides!!

Here is the fam who we could get for a picture. Tyler was gone fulfilling his church calling getting ready for scout camp. So he was not able to make it

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 Graduation

(from Preschool!)

Ok. I think we are in trouble with this girl. I gotta tell you the story behind this. Since Tyler has been doing a little photography here and there. He took pictures of Audie, my sister like I think about 5 different times, Anyhow, Breeana decided that she too also needed graduation announcements. SO she picked out her outfit and off we were to get pictures. We've yet to make her announcements. Tyler has been busy with work and scout camp, so they got put on the back burner since it really only is PRESCHOOL ! But I am sure she won't forget! So this is the outfit she picked. She did the posing too. Tyler did a great job as always! Great Job in preschool Breeana! She made alot of new friends which was why I put her in preschool, now she will have so many friends on her first day of kindergarten! This was a serious graduation( I mean just look at them) Not really actually they could've cared less but this was the real deal......caps, music, report card, AND a photo book of the school year.

Kindergarten here I come!!

Breeana with her teachers. Miss(Aunt) Vicki, and Miss Lynn They were great, they put alot of time into doing alot of things with them
Jayse at his end of year field day.(Don't know who that crazy kid is next to him, just looks like a goof ball in the picture) I kept missing all the important pictures, but he did really good. His team took 1st place in the relay. He was pretty excited about that.
on you mark, get set and run like heck while trying watch the kid next too you! Watching these kids was hallarious! They were too worried about the kid next to them. Too Funny!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mothers Day

This was kinda a crazy day, so we didn't get any pictures with me and the kids and all that stuff. But for Mothers Day we went over to Central to spend Mother's Day with Tyler's mom. We didn't get away as early as we wanted. Our plan was to get to her house before she got home from church and surprise her with dinner. Even though our day did not go as planned we still had a good day, and a yummy lunch.

Here is Tyler and his mom. I love this picture of Tyler with his mom. Even though he is a stinker sometimes, He loves his mom!!

Carol with the kiddos. No matter how you look at it Becky's kid Maci, and Tyler's kids they are ALL her grandkids! She is the Best Grandma, Mom and Mother-in-Law anybody could have! I dare anyone to try and top that!

Hopefully it was as nice of a day for her as it was for us.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little League at a glance...

Well I managed to take some pictures before the season ended so here is the little league season at a glance. I am still so bummed that my other pictures got deleted. Especially the one of Tyler umpiring. He was a pretty cute umpire and a good one at that!! Oh well.

Jayse and Breena were on the Diamondbacks team, it was a little confusing getting 3 people ready for games at a time all wearing the same shirt. Tyler was Jayse's coach. Breeana was on a team with many of her school friends and church friends. She is more in to the social part of playing ball rather than actually playing ball plus some other things. I have to be honest and say that I really didn't get to watch much of their games, because I was too busy chasing Maci and keeping her out of the road, off of the field, keeping her clean, and trying to feed her so everyone else didn't have too, although that didn't matter!! She was like a little bird that everyone would feed cause she is so cute! Nachos, sunflower seeds and snow cones were her favorites!

Jayse LOVES to play ball, any kind of ball for that matter. This year he played minors which was a little more challenging than coach pitch, but he did a great job. He played short stop.

Here he is actually listening to his dad give a pep talk before the game. Why is he not that attentive when I talk to him. Oh, probably cause I am asking him to do is chores or something that he really doesn't care about makes sense , right?.........
Hey batttterrr, baaaaattttteer. baaaatttttter!
Doesn't she look so cute! She's a pink girl.

This is what I love about watching Breeana play ball, She was not afraid to just sit there. After all it's just T-Ball I guess. This day they were low in numbers so she had no company out there with her. I am pretty sure all the wishing flowers have been picked! What the heck else do you do out here?!?

This girl HATES to get sweaty! This is her last game and they stuck her behind the plate. I think this was the hottest day that they played. So as you can tell, she didn't want her hand to get all sweaty! I loved it when the ball would roll past her and she would just watch it, and then get up and go get it--WITHOUT her glove in hand. Very Funny! Couldn't resist not taking a picture.

Hey Breeana the game is over here!!

Now we're talking! She LOVED to bat, and she always got on base!
Now on the other hand what was Maci doing during the games....... wiping dirt all over her legs. Look at that face..... Are you sure this is what your kid looks like Becky??! I could not for the life of me keep her clean EVER! It was food or dirt. I finally gave up. I think this is a snowcone, nacho, licorice face. All of what everybody would give her.
How sweet, a wishing flower- this is what Breena calls them.

She can't wait! Baseball and Wishing flowers in the field! I think she is going to have to practice putting the helmet on and learning to use the bat... Love this picture!
How could you pass this picture up? You know her dirty face is so cute! Uugh....My biggest pet peave (how the heck do you spell that?) sThis is the signature show me your teeth picture. Don't you want to pick her up and squeeze her?!

So I was thinking about this:
TOP 6 THINGS I LOVE to HATE about the going to the ball park.
1. When my kids "show up" with food from the snack bar, cause all the kids like to hang out around the snack bar! duh! (actually cause their parents work in it.)
2. SNOWCONES!!! Sooo messy! Especially in the car!
3. Maci eating all the leftover sunflower seed shells. Yuck!
4. The snack bar on our way home from the game as dinner is waiting at home. (I mean how can you tell them no snack from the concessions? Every kid's dream! my kids anyway...)
5. Spending 4 out of 5 week nights at the ball park.
6. Did I mention snowcones?
Well I guess the kids ball season is over now, but now Tyler is going to play softball, so my ball park troubles are not over yet! But I do have to say that I really do enjoy watching everybody play, at least what I get to see in between chasing kids!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still behind on blogging!

Well as you can see I am STILL behind on my blog. The honest truth is, is that I was asking Tyler to get the Little League Pictures that I took on opening day off his computer, and they have mysteriously disappeared.Tyler is taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my lack of blogging. I was so on a roll!!! I have given up on waiting for Tyler to get the pictures off his computer. Anyway, as you can see there are no little league pictures. We have no idea where they went, but Jayse and Breeana are both playing ball and Tyler is coaching Jayse's team. They are both on the Diamondbacks team. Go Diamondbacks. If you're lucky and I remember the camera, andcharge it, AND remember to actually pictures AND post them you might get to see them!! The season is about over. Seems like it flew by....which isn't such a bad thing. I mean I love to go watch them play, but it's getting a little too warm to out at the ball park at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. So like I said if you're lucky you might see some pictures.

So we are skipping to Easter weekend. This year for easter it seemed so crazy. We did the usual Saturday before easter picnic. This year we went with a bunch of cousins! They all live around here. The weather was interesting. It was supposed to rain, so we couldn't decide if we even wanted to go, but we did anyway it was chilly. We ate lunch, had the easter egg hunt, got a couple pictures and then the rain came. I mean crazy wind and rain, so we threw everything in the truck and that was the end of the picnic. Tyler and I were lucky enough to speak in church. I'm not sure how that has happened to us. In the 3 years that we have lived here, we have spoken 2 times on easter sunday, and I have given a lesson in young womens. I wonder if I will ever have a peaceful, no-stress easter sunday...... hhmmmm...So because of this, mom and dad stayed up till the wee hours studying for a talk until their eye lids I think just shut on them--totally forgot that the easter bunny was supposed to come the next morning! YIKES!! We woke up and Tyler was quick to remind the kids of the true meaning of easter and that the easter bunny wanted them to think of that instead of candy and stuff. After the talk we rushed home so the easter bunny could make his visit. It actually went quite well. They were so excited to come home, and whaddya know. He came!!!! I guess he didn't forget afterall. We didn't get too many pictures, but we managed to get a few. I hate when there are so many things going on that it makes Sunday seem so crazy. Oh well.... we had a good day anyway.

Here's the Fam, Breeana grouchy as always, unless it's her idea
The whole family-The Fenn cousins. This was everyone bundled up just before the storm poured rain on us

The kiddos. I did forget to mention that just as I was going to pick up Maci to get the kids together for a picture she was walking with Breeana's shoes on. She tripped and hit her head on the edge of the rock where our wood stove is. I thought we were maybe going to make a trip to get some stitches- or superglue, but amazingly enough it didn't crack open. just a little blood, not even a bruise the next couple days after. not sure how she managed that, but I was glad it wasn't worse. So if you look close she has a nice band-aid across her head.

I just had to add this picture. She is like a little dog. She loves to drink Jayse's cereal milk. She is funny!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look who is 89 years old!

Grandma Larson (my moms mom) Has turned 89 years old! This is hard to believe, mainly because I remember when I was little thinking that grandma was old. I can call her old because I know that she will never read my blog!! We are just glad to be able to live close enough to her and have Sunday dinners, and see her through out the week. Not many grandkids get to live by their great-grandma. I think our kids are special!! Well when you get older, birthdays aren't near as much fun, but Aunt Bev sent grandma some party stuff -you know like annoying noise makers. Along with that we had grandma's favorite, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and my personal FAVORITE .....drum roll............ banana split cake! MMMMM... Let the Party begin!! Thank goodness for skype. (If you've watched Oprah you know what skype is.) We were able to put Wes on Skype since he is in Kansas and isn't able to be here with us. This is actually pretty cool. He was able to be right there with us and join in the fun as it was happening. They have even played dice games over skype. kinda crazy, but amazing for us to enjoy and add a little bit of happiness to all of us.

Can you believe this?? Grandma was even getting in on the action with Jayse. She's not scared! She might be 89 years old, but she can Party!! The kids had a great time too!
Happy 89th Birthday to a spunky Grandma!! She keeps things happy on Sunday. I love it that you never know what is going to come out of her mouth! Always entertaining!! We love her!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remind me not to do this again!!

UGGH... this is taking forever, but I am determined to "catch up" One thing is for sure life is never dull around here, and hasn't'll see what I mean.

I swear I watch her. My mom likes to say that she has to put her running shoes on if Maci is coming over. She is just way too fast!

This scene here is pretty reoccuring. She is so dang fast getting up on my bathroon counter, and she know exactly where my mascara is and how to open it no matter how tight I put it on. Every day she sits up on the counter and watches me get ready.

Lunch gone bad!! chicken nuggets and Ketchup.mmmm..... When the plate goes up, she's done!

The kids really enjoy riding grandma and granpda's 4-wheeler-especially Maci

I'd be lying if I did't say that we have all enjoyed the trampoline Santa brought. Especially now since the weather has been so nice, they have spent alot of time outside. I love it. Jayse and Breeana love to play crack the egg!. They have also made up some of their own games.... It's quite a workout too!! They especially love it when Tyler gets on and wrestels and jumps them super high!! Maci loves to be outside so this is so perfect for her too. She knows how to get on and off all be herself. She is a big girl now!!

We were lucky to get a visit from Papa Larry, while they did a little spring cleaning at the prison where he works, it was a short visit. The kids love to play, and crawl all over him. He hasn't been back in a couple months.... maybe he had enough for a while ?? humm...

OK.... so I have been informed that I am not a very good scout mother. I mean I know I should be the best since this is my first time having a scout right!! Huh? Not really sure what that means, but Tyler is an awesome scout dad!!! So being first time scout parents means that we are now able to do the pine wood derby (pretty much the night before!) That was not my department!! Anyhow, Here is the day of the BIG race! Everybody looking on while registering the car.

So you guessed it. I'm still not quite sure how this happened, but Jayse took First Place in his class AND first place overall!!!!!! Amazing, just a silly little car, Oh did I just say that...He got a ribbon, a medal thingy, and a BIG hersheys candy bar that his dad ate, I guess since he did some of the work he needed to be rewarded too. I wonder if you could guess what kind of car he had......yep..... ASU colors..... It was superfast!! Unfortunately he was not able to race in districts because his aunt Melissa was getting married that same weekened.
GOOD JOB JAYSE!!! ( and dad too)