Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aye, I can't keep up!

I just have a hard time keeping up! I guess I'm not cut out for bloggin duties! Seems like we have been so busy, then I look back and think what the heck have I been doing? Since I am in young womens still, I decided that I am going to work to earn my medallion AGAIN! I have been working on my personal progress. For one of my 10 hour projects which by the way exceeded far more than 10 hours I planned a family reunion for Memorial Day weekened. It was alot of work but so worth it. It had been 7 years since we had a Thurber Larson reunion. Throughout the weekened we had about 130 people. The weekened started with an early morning service project to clean up the barn that blew over followed by pancake breakfast. Then it was to our house where the kids played on the slip and slide. Then it was over to the church for a kinda Surprise wedding and bbq dinner, acution, magic show, talents. Sunday church, with the traditional cemetary honoring. This year we honored my grandpa. It was very nice to hear the stories about him. Then off to our house again to have homemade ice cream ( our favorite!) and desserts (our other favorite!) And as if we didn't have anything else going on. It was Baccalaureate for Audie. I had to opt out of it. I decided not to leave a hundred people at my house. To say the least it ended up being a busy weekened, actually the only word that comes to mind is Craziness! BUT we made it through it. I did drop dead on Monday! I am so glad I planned the reunion though. It made it so worth it to see people laughing, working and seeing each other. I love my family. I love getting together. I have such great memories of being with cousins and I want that for my own children. We are so fortunate to live close to family. And we are especially lucky to be next to Grandma Larson. We have a great heritage. We are having a little computer issues right now so I can't get all the pictures I need, But here is the one of all of us who were there on Sunday.

All hundred of us ....

This is some of the "girl" cousins down at the cemetary clean up

Here is my dad with Maci and Addison, Nates little (big) girl

After I tried to recover from the reunion we had to send kids back to school. Our school started late, so we had to go back to school after memorial day, BLAH! I was ready to be done with getting Jayse up and out the door, and schedules BLAH again. I was ready for summer! But it still went on. Audie has graduated from High school, now she is going to figure out what life is really about.... we think! Here she is with her favorite cousin Brady Fenn

Maci and Audie. She LOVES her Aunt Audie and quad rides!!

Here is the fam who we could get for a picture. Tyler was gone fulfilling his church calling getting ready for scout camp. So he was not able to make it

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Becky said...

So since you just got to Memorial Day I should be expecting the Powell pictures in 4 more months :) Just kidding